MuLogical for English

This homepage is a very minor homepage, but apparently, when searching for the phrase “Systh1 Preset”, this post “Synth1 Preset” that I posted before seems to hit well, and it seems that people from all over the world are visiting this page rather than Japan.

So I made an English version of MuLogical.

The installer is here. There are English and Japanese installers, but the modules in the installer are the same, just the installer is in English or Japanese.

After installation, change “Language” to “English” in the “オプション画面” -> “その他” tab and restart the system.

I think if the OS language setting is “en-US (US)”, it will be the English version from the beginning, but I’m sorry, I haven’t tried that far. Also, if there is anything wrong with the English notation, or if there are places where English support is not available, I would appreciate it if you could write it down in the comments. I hope you will forgive me because it is free software and I have not made it that perfect.

こちらのホームページ、とてもマイナーなホームページですが、どうも「Systh1 Preset」という文言で検索すると以前投稿したこちらの投稿「Synth1プリセット」がよくヒットするようで、日本よりも世界各国の方がこのページを訪れてくれているみたいです。




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